The Enjoy Life By The Glass solution gives consumers accessibility to great wines in a convenient manner. Our pre-filled wine glasses are ready to be enjoyed immediately. They are 'quick to serve' and have proven to increase consumption and customer service. Equally important, this solution significantly reduces wastage.  Some main benefits of the Enjoy Life By The Glass solution include:

Glass Free Solution
The danger of serving glass at live events is clear for all to see. Whether you are required to offer a plastic/PET solution or you have made the sensible choice to do so, Enjoy Life By The Glass is ‘The Perfect Serve’ for live events and other occasions. Enjoy Life by the Glass reduces the amount of plastic used by up to 50%. So we are naturally proud to offer one of the ‘greenest’ wine solution available today. Savvy arenas understand these positive PR angles by introducing a ‘greener’ offering – great for their reputation as well as being beneficial to the environment.

Enjoy Life By The Glass - Quick To Serve Wine SolutionQuick To Serve
Serve more customers, sell more product! It sounds simple – yet many venues fail this task because of the products they offer, a hesitation to change or pre-existing contractual arrangements with suppliers. Enjoy Life By The Glass is proven to help sell more wine, reduce queue times and improve the consumer experience. Enjoy Life By The Glass offers a ‘real’ wine-drinking experience compared to the old 187 ml bottle with half-pint plastic glass model.

Enjoy Life By The Glass House - Customer Delight Wine SolutionCustomer Delight
Drinking great wine, in a ‘replica’ wine glass and getting served quicker. That’s what wine consumers want at live events. It sounds simple, yet so many venues struggle to deliver. Enjoy Life By The Glass provides a simple mainstream solution. Venues stocking Enjoy Life By The Glass report that bar operators are already experiencing ‘the perfect serve’, and the proven uplift in sales means that they love our offering.